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Cyprus Petroleum Refinery
The Cyprus Petroleum Refinery is the only petroleum refinery in Cyprus. The Refinery's strategic objective is to meet as closely as economically possible the requirements of the Cyprus market in petroleum products. Petroleum Products for the Cyprus Market.
[Details] Date : 16-Jan-2003 - Hits : 3679 - Rating: n/a

Laiko Kafekopteio
Coffee and Confectionery Industry in Cyprus. Leading manufacturers and distributors of Coffee, Confectionery Products, Snacks, Biscuits, High Boiled Sweets and Toffees, Pre-fried (Frozen) Potatoes, as well as, Plastic and Polyethylene flexible packaging materials.
[Details] Date : 30-Jan-2003 - Hits : 3680 - Rating: n/a

Muskita Aluminium Industries Ltd.
Muskita Aluminium Industries Ltd. is the leader of the aluminium industry in Cyprus. Supplying Quality Aluminium Extrusions World Wide. Architectural Systems, Profiles and Customised Profiles from our Extensive Stock to suit your individual needs and specifications. Aluminium Products, Windows& Doors, Louvers, Ladders, Extrusions, Anodising, PowderCoating.
[Details] Date : 03-Feb-2003 - Hits : 3680 - Rating: n/a

M.P.Theodorou Salt Industry
M.P.Theodorou Salt Industry is today the only sea salt manufacturer on the island, with full in-house facilities for complete processing and packaging of its product range.
[Details] Date : 05-Feb-2003 - Hits : 3679 - Rating: n/a

Petrolina Holdings Ltd.
Oil company in Cyprus
[Details] Date : 05-Dec-2003 - Hits : 3682 - Rating: n/a

Party Ice & Party Time Ice Ltd
The company was founded in 1982 and its main activity is the production and distribution of Ice cubes. Our field of distribution covers kiosks, mini markets, super markets, hotels, pubs, restaurants and other users of ice all over Cyprus. Party Ice is widely known and highly appreciated in the Cyprus market, because of the firm's commitment to quality products and service at any location on the island.
[Details] Date : 11-Jan-2004 - Hits : 3679 - Rating: n/a

KCK Emulsion Polymers Ltd
Chemical Industry, producing PVA Homopolymer and Copolymer Emulsions as well as Vinyl-Veova, Styrene-Acrylic and all Acrylic Copolymers, for the paint manufacturers in Cyprus and Abroad. Produces also very special decorative paints, crack fillers and Isolating products used in buildings
[Details] Date : 13-Jan-2004 - Hits : 3679 - Rating: n/a

Medagri Ltd.
Industrial Instruments and Process sensors and controllers, suppliers to the sewage , water and other industries, of sensors and controllers including level, flow,pressure,turbidity temperature as well as vlaves, pumps Penstocks and others.
[Details] Date : 14-Jan-2004 - Hits : 3679 - Rating: n/a

Geobros Ltd
The company provides a whole range of packaging tapes designed to cater for every industrial need ranging from lightweight office tapes to super strong reinforced tapes for heavy export packaging. Also supply the market with excellent quality special self adhesive tapes for lithographic purpose.
[Details] Date : 22-Jan-2004 - Hits : 3679 - Rating: n/a

G & E Thermosolar Ltd
We are a Greek Cypriot based company which specialise in the following fields of industry: Refrigerated Containers, L.G.P., Water Tanks, Catering Equipment (Old & New) & Solar Panels.
[Details] Date : 22-Jan-2004 - Hits : 3688 - Rating: n/a

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