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Humana is one of the most important producers of baby food and dietetics. All products offer a maximum safety, guarantee healthy growing and accompany the infants and young children in all phases of their development. Foods for special medical purposes for old and young complete the product range.
[Details] Date : 30-Jan-2003 - Hits : 4279 - Rating: n/a

Medisell specializes in sale and after-sale Service of Laboratory Instrumentation, Supplies and Reagents. Our Products: Clinical Laboratory: Clinical Chemistry, Immunology, Coagulation, Haematology. Point of Care: Blood Gases & Electrolytes, Dry Chemistry Coagulation, Urine, Drug of Abuse.
[Details] Date : 06-Feb-2003 - Hits : 4288 - Rating: n/a

Petrakis Holdings Ltd
Petrakis Holdings Ltd is a leader in the refurbished medical equipment industry, servicing clients in Cyprus, Greece and around the world. We offer health care facilities high quality medical equipment at up to 50% savings. We maintain a large inventory of products enabling us to ship your orders promptly.
[Details] Date : 12-Sep-2003 - Hits : 4279 - Rating: n/a

Cypromedica Trading Ltd top rated
Distributors of high quality Medical Equipment, Disposables, Surgical Instruments and other Health Care Products.
[Details] Date : 11-Jan-2004 - Hits : 4285 - Rating: Very Good

Vita Prolipsis Nutrition Centre
We are the exclusive importers / distributors of the Canadian brands of herbal supplements and vitamins "Swiss Herbal Remedies" and "Alpha Science Laboratories" with no artificial colours, flavours, starch, added salt, corn or gluten.
[Details] Date : 11-Jan-2004 - Hits : 4282 - Rating: n/a

Mobility Scooter & Wheelchair Hire in Cyprus
Sales and Rentals of mobility vehicles to help give less mobile residents and visitors to the island a little more Freedom to get around, easily. We rent out 3 or 4 wheel electric mobility scooters on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis; we also have manual folding wheelchairs. And for a little help if you are a keen golfer but less able to move around the course, we have battery-assisted golf caddies. We also sell all the above vehicles, and have a good choice of sizes to suit the individual.
[Details] Date : 17-Jan-2004 - Hits : 4281 - Rating: n/a

Meba Spa
Producers of fine, natural, mineral spa products for therpeutic purposes. Beneficial for the treatment of a large number of diseases, notably metabolic problems, general stress conditions, blood circulation disorders (varicose veins, phlebitis and piles), tiredness and overwork depression, afflictions of human organs, tissues and glands at all levels, nervous and skin ailments, but its main medical care applications are as follows
[Details] Date : 07-Feb-2004 - Hits : 4279 - Rating: n/a

FREEDOM MOBILITY: Electric Mobility Scooter rental in Cyprus
Rental and Sales of 3 and 4 wheeled Electric Mobility Scooters and manual wheelchairs, to help give FREEDOM of MOBILITY to less able visitors to this lovely island
[Details] Date : 31-Aug-2004 - Hits : 4283 - Rating: n/a

Φορητή θήκη ινσουλ&#
Η ReCool σας παρουσιάζει μια αποτελεσματική και συμφέρουσα λύση του προβλήματος της ψύξης ινσουλίνης, χωρίς χρήση ηλεκτρικού ρεύματος ή ψυκτικών στοιχείων.

Καθώς η ινσουλίνη πρέπει να κρατηθεί δροσερή, οι δυνατότητες διαβητικών να ταξιδέψουν ήταν πολύ περιορισμένες. Όχι μόνο κατά την διάρκεια διακοπών σε χώρες με ζεστό κλήμα, αλλά και κατά την άσκηση αθλητικών δραστηριοτήτων, στο ποδήλατο κλπ. ή ακόμη και κατά κάποιο μποτιλιάρισμα στην εθνική οδό εκτιθόταν η ινσουλίνη σας στο κίνδυνο να θερμανθεί. Η θερμοκρασία της ινσουλίνης ποτέ δεν πρέπει να υπερβεί τους 30°C.

Το πρόβλημά σας λύθηκε τώρα με την φορητή θήκη ινσουλίνης «DiabetesBag». Ακόμη και σε θερμοκρασία περιβάλλοντας 38°C ψύχεται η ινσουλίνη σας για διάστημα 48 ωρών.

[Details] Date : 28-Sep-2006 - Hits : 4290 - Rating: n/a

Larnaca Audiology Center
Larnaca Audiology Center is your one-stop hearing center in Cyprus for complete hearing care and hearing conservation services to enhance your overall quality of life.

At Larnaca Audiology, we always take time to talk with you and answer all your questions. We carefully explain your options and assist you in making the best, most well informed decision possible about the appropriate aids for your lifestyle and your particular hearing loss.

Our center was founded to ensure affordable hearing aids for everyone. We believe that hearing is an entitlement and not a privilege. Now everyone can hear. Our commitment is to you, our highly valued customer. We provide the world’s best hearing aids for any type of hearing loss in all of the styles available at prices that everyone can afford. Larnaca Audiology dispenses a wide variety of hearing aid products at the very best prices.

[Details] Date : 16-Jun-2010 - Hits : 4280 - Rating: n/a

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