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ABL Productions
ABL is a film production company. Offering the full range of production services, including pre-planning, crew, cast and location finding, art design and shoot management, also offers state of the art post-production facilities via its sister company, SpecialFX.
[Details] Date : 09-Jan-2003 - Hits : 3521 - Rating: n/a

Double Delta Media Studios
Production of TV Commercials, Feature Films, Documentaries, Corporate Videos, Video Clips, TV Programmes, News Coverage. Digital Editing & Compositing, 3D Character Animation Digital Audio Recording, Shooting on Film 16mm, 35mm & Video. Fully Equiped Filming Studio, Grip & Lighting Rentals.
[Details] Date : 11-Oct-2003 - Hits : 3523 - Rating: n/a

EFX Productions Ltd
Production Company Specialized in TV/Cinema Commercials. Can Deliver any kind of Advertising Project from the begining (Pre Production) to the end (Production + Cost Production). Services in: (a) Research and Location Scouting, (b) Casting, (c) Filming, (d) In house Post Production (on-line edithin), (e) Special Effect (Compositing and 3D Animation).
[Details] Date : 11-Oct-2003 - Hits : 3521 - Rating: n/a

MS Viewpoint
Production of Television Commercials and Video Clips. Digital Editing, 3D Grapics, Cartoon Animation, Special Effects, Hire of Shooting & Editing Equipment - Jimmy Jib Giant is available.
[Details] Date : 11-Oct-2003 - Hits : 3541 - Rating: n/a

N.D. Artvision Ltd
Pruduction of Television Commercials, Music Video Clips, TV Programmes, Post Production, Documentaries, Promotional Videos, Corporate Videos. Digital Editing, Motion Graphics, 3D Animation, Cartoon Animation, Visual Effects, Events Filming, DVD Mastering.
[Details] Date : 11-Oct-2003 - Hits : 3517 - Rating: n/a

M.P.L. Modern Productions Ltd
Specializing in Photography of Coins, Antipuities, Jewellery, Food & Drinks. Transparency Processing and Duplicating. Giant Colour Photos up to 100X220 cm, Printing, Processing & Cold Mounting. Digital Imaging.
[Details] Date : 11-Oct-2003 - Hits : 3516 - Rating: n/a

Tetraktys Films Ltd
Tetraktys Films Ltd provides the following services of the Communications Sector: TV & Radio Commercials, Corporate Videos, Training Films, Multimedia Productions, Web Design & Development, Print Desigh & Advertising, Complete Advertising Campaigns.
[Details] Date : 11-Oct-2003 - Hits : 3515 - Rating: n/a

Squid Studios Ltd
Squid Studios is one of the leading companies in Cyprus specialized in Multimedia Production (Web Design and CD-ROM authoring) and Digital Art & Animation (2D & 3D). Located in Nicosia, the capital of Cyprus, Squid Studios is a company made up of talented and experienced artists and developers who can provide services not only for the local market but for international clients as well.
[Details] Date : 05-Dec-2003 - Hits : 3520 - Rating: n/a

Intercollege TV and Radio Unit
The TV and Radio Unit of Intercollege provides the student with all facilities and equipment needed to complete projects of the TV and Radio concentration studies. In addition the Unit produces a wide range of work for the professional sector: commercials, documentaries, training and corporate videos, conference / seminar coverage, multimedia presentations / productions.
[Details] Date : 05-Jan-2004 - Hits : 3516 - Rating: n/a

City Studios
Proffesional Recording studio . Music production , Jingles , Advertisment recordings, Sound for Video and film. Sound designing for film, Music composition for TV series and film
[Details] Date : 17-Jan-2004 - Hits : 3515 - Rating: n/a

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